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Centre for provision of social protection services of
the municipality of Kanjiža

In 2008-2009, the organization “Together with You, for Them” [“Együtt Veled-Értük”], which supports and safeguards the interests of mentally and physically disabled people, as well as providing a place for the day care of people with disabilities, in cooperation with the settlement of Kanjiža as a partner, participated in the grant offered (and supported) by the Ministry of Labour, Employment, Veteran and Social Affairs. This grant allowed them to renovate and expand the day care unit and create suitable conditions for it, as well as to establish the Centre.

The foundation of the Centre is the result of successful cooperation between the civil sphere and the town of Kanjiža.

Since the foundation of the Centre on 30 June 2009, this communal institution has been in charge of providing day care services for people with disabilities. Between 2009 and 2015, the day care centre involved people of different age groups. After May 1, 2015, as defined by the regulation book on the conditions and standards of the provision of day care, as well as by the working plan of the Centre, we divided the users of our services into two groups: the children and youth group, and the other, the adult group.

One of the main tasks of the Centre as a community-founded institution was to cooperate closely with the associations seated in Kanjiža whose work was focused on supporting and safeguarding the interests of people living with different disabilities. This cooperation ensured the realization of different services of the institution: the day care centre, personal assistance, and the development of skills and self-improvement. The high-quality work of the Centre was supported by Kanjiža institutions and organizations operating in different social and other fields.

The primary concern in the work of the institution is to provide proper care for the users, while respecting the partners’ work.

The programme activities of the day care centre are also organized with the purpose of improving the quality of life of the users via maintaining and developing their social and psychological functions, abilities and skills – to help them improve in their own immediate environment, and achieve as much self-sufficiency as possible.

The most important activities of the day care centre include:

1. Establishing and maintaining a good relationship between the generations of children and adults

2. Work and education activities that promote the acquisition of new knowledge and the realization of capabilities and skills

3. Establishing working methods that enable people to participate in the community in an efficient way

4. Organizing people’s free time in harmony with their interest and needs

5. Improving communication skills

6. Preparing people for a self-sufficient lifestyle

7. Rehabilitation and therapeutic sessions