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Forums in Serbia, January 28, 2022

On January 28, 2022, we held the second Forum at the Regional Center for Professional Development of Teachers in Kanjiža.

The forum was opened by Tolnai Csaba, director of the Center for the provision of social protection services from Kanjiza. Then Szakács Ibolya, a specialist of the Center, spoke about the impact of the project on the target groups. Then Harter Árpádné Jusztina, director of the Duga Public Welfare Association, spoke about their experiences in Hungary. After that, Andrea Bicskei, a member of the Center’s staff, and the participants put together a map of the problem based on the experience from the first meeting. After that, Szakács Ibolya again informed about the work plan of the forum. By the end of the meeting, a quality expert discussion was developed between the participants.