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Opening conference

Diversity is Value – Supporting Integration in the Workplace

The Opening Conference on cross-border cooperation dealing with people with disabilities and their employers was held at the Regional Center for Professional Development of Education Employees in Kanjiža. The project started in October 2020 and will last for sixteen months. Thanks to the project, 20 people with disabilities had the opportunity to participate in the trainings.

At the Opening Conference, the Center for the provision of social protection services in the municipality of Kanjiža, as well as the Non-Profit Association for Autism “Szivárvány” from Szeged, had the opportunity to present themselves.

The total amount of the IPA project is more than 146 thousand euros, of which more than 126 thousand euros are financed by the European Union. On the Serbian side, the local government of Kanjiža supports the initiative by contributing to the project with 15% of its own funds.

Of the mentioned amount, apart from organizing conferences, lectures, trainings and round tables, the remaining amount will be used for the renovation of the living room managed by the center, as well as for the purchase of new equipment. It is planned to purchase equipment for a ceramic workshop, a greenhouse and a sewing workshop, as well as for the renovation of the basement of the living room in Horgos.

The main goal of the project is to improve successful and long-term labor market conditions for people with disabilities, as well as their greater participation in employment competitions.

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