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Second business conference within the Incircle project

The business conference took place on November 19, 2021, in the building House of Culture Horgos.

One of the speakers at the conference was Marko Košutić, a special education teacher, oligrophrenologist and neuro-biofeedback therapist from Kula. He reported on the employment methods available in the case when an employer employs a person with a disability.

Judit Kaszás then reported on legal bases and tax implications and reliefs in the employment of persons with disabilities

Afterward, Marko Košutić spoke again, about support models during the work.

Zsombor Újvári, an employee of the Komunalac Public Company in Kanjiža, and Igor Csíkos, the owner of the “Čikoš štampa” in Subotica, reported then on their positive experiences, as they have been employing people with disabilities for several years.

Afterward, Gábor Ric, the managing director of Caritas in Subotica, reported on how they opened the bakery “Pet hlebova” and the confectionery “Blaha Lujza” in Subotica.

In the end, Attila Vörös, entrepreneur, project manager of “PROSOCENT”, and Marianna Bödő, manager of “Smart Marketing”, talked about how to promote products made in protected workplaces, as well as about social responsibility.