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Third business conference within the Incircle project

The third business conference was held on November 26, 2021 at the Galerija Hotel in Subotica. The conference was opened by Ibolja Szakač and Justina Arpad Harter, presenting the project.

Marko Košutić, defectologist, oligrophrenologist and neuro-biofeedback therapist, gave a presentation on the method of employment in case the employer employs a person with a disability, while he also talked about models of support in the work process.

Jasmina Tasković, career advisor in the National Employment Service of the City of Subotica, spoke about the ability to work and the process of hiring and retaining jobs for people with disabilities.

Then Maja Toskić, Deputy Defender of the City of Subotica, gave guidelines on the legislation on social insurance.

This was followed by a presentation by Žombor Ujvari, an employee of the Public Company Komunalac from Kanjiža, and a presentation by Igor Čikoš, the owner of the Subotica company “Štamparija Čikoš”. They shared their positive experiences, as they have been employing people with disabilities for several years.

Then, Gabor Ritz, the director of Caritas Subotica, informed the present guests about how they opened the bakery “5 Breads” and the patisserie “Blaha Lujza” in Subotica.

Finally, Atila Vereš, entrepreneur and project manager of PROSOCENT, gave guidelines on the promotion of products made in a protected work environment, emphasizing the importance of the concept of social responsibility.