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Training of hr assistants

The training of HR assistants took place on September 9, 2021, at the Regional Professional Teacher Training Center Kanjiža. The instructor was Marko Košutić, a special educator from Kula.

The training was attended by about 25 entrepreneurs and managers of institutions from the municipality, during which potential employers were able to learn about employment and support models. The lecturer also pointed out that people with disabilities with the support of an employer or mentor can do useful and value-creating work.

The training also covered how the employment of people with disabilities affects the work community. PWD have a good impact on the work community and with proper mentoring they deliver reliable, quality work with their hands. During the work, the members of the work community can get to know the strengths, abilities and skills of PWD, thus the prejudice  can change, opinion formed about them becomes more accepting, tolerant and empathetic. Employing PWD brings the given work community closer to the people, creates a sense of solidarity and raises the awareness of the members of the work community about their rights. The employment of PWD in the work community has a positive effect on the perception of the work community about them.

At the international level, it is increasingly recognized that with appropriate support, a significant percentage of people with disabilities can be included in the labor market, to everyone’s benefit.

PWD – a person with disabilities